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CHRISTOPHER J. COZZI works as a composer for visual media including film, television, video games, and the stage, while being based out of Los Angeles, California. Receiving his bachelor’s degree in 2016 and MFA in Music Composition for the Screen in 2018 at Columbia College Chicago, Cozzi brings both experience and education in composing music for visual media. His music is heavily informed by his training in 20th-century concert music as well as his time playing extreme metal in various projects across the country, and his own symphonic black metal project Resurrectionist.

Outside of media music, Cozzi displays his diverse interests in the symphonic black metal solo project, RESURRECTIONIST.

Resurrectionist provides an unfiltered look at Cozzi’s artistic voice, diverse range of influence, and his musical storytelling. Extreme music reviewer, Mianydoire, describes Cozzi’s compositions in Resurrectionist as “beautiful music featuring a melancholy and dramatic soundscape.”

With his work in film, television, and digital video content, he holds a mission of crafting a unique musical identity for every project. In addition to his own credits, Christopher has since worked on many high profile projects including Netflix's Love, Death and Robots with composer Rob Cairns and Netflix's Dirty Money with composer Justin Melland.


Specializing in horror, sci-fi, fantasy, and drama, his main goal is to create music that uplifts, augments, and elevates every project. In his own words, he seeks to “harness the intangible” in each and every story.

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