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Christopher J. Cozzi lives in Los Angeles where he works as a composer for media.  Cozzi received a bachelor's degree in music composition from Columbia College in 2016.  He received his MFA in music composition for the screen at Columbia College in 2018.  He sees his music as a vehicle to tell stories whether they're communicated in film, video games, on the stage, or in the concert hall.  Cozzi's music is influenced by his background as an extreme metal guitarist as well as the works of post-tonal concert composers like Alfred Schnittke and Oliver Messiaen and the film/game scores of Danny Elfman, Elliot Goldenthal, and Gerard Marino. 

Christopher is no stranger to mixing styles and genres, having written music for media ranging from death metal-inspired game music, to 1980s-styled synthwave tracks. His primary influences stem from his training in 20th-century concert music composition as well as his time playing extreme metal for twelve years.

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